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Money Chain - Katrina And The Waves - Waves

9 thoughts on “ Money Chain - Katrina And The Waves - Waves

  1. Sarg
    Jan 17,  · The KATRINA & THE WAVES album (which was actually their THIRD album) was a known quantity, and a superb one. But WAVES had completely eluded me when it came out -- maybe I heard part of it once, amid a lot of other stuff coming out in the mids (and it must have been on the wrong day). Wow, what a fine record WAVES was!!!/5(7).
  2. Zuzil
    Apr 11,  · Adding cohesion to all ten songs is Rew's fluid and imaginative guitar playing which at times vies for control of "Waves" most notably as you listen to the interplay between Rew's coiled and sprung guitar solos and Katrina's sultry vocals in "Money Chain". Katrina has the last say however in her Blondie and Buddy Holly influenced pop nugget 5/5(1).

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