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Lonely Being Cool - Nikkis Wives - For E•V•E•R

6 thoughts on “ Lonely Being Cool - Nikkis Wives - For E•V•E•R

  1. Dotaxe
    Aug 12,  · Track-By-Track: Nikki’s Wives – ‘For E*V*E*R’ “Lonely Being Cool” With Dylan Lauzon on guitar and Nate Baylor on drums, Nikki’s Wives recently released their new EP, For E*V*E*R. Starting her career as a solo artist, Nikki has been in and out of studios since she was 12 years old. After struggling for years to find.
  2. Doura
    3 Is A Band: Nikki’s Wives. Filed Under: 3 Is A Band — By: Elke Nominikat When I listened to Nikki’s Wives for the first time and learned that they are a trio, I knew I had a cool band for our 3 Is A Band feature!. Based in Toronto, Canada, Nikki’s Wives are comprised of Nikki Whitehead, who lends the trio her effortless cool and smoky vocals as well as Dylan Lauzon on guitar and Nate.
  3. Akikasa
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  4. Mizahn
    Toronto alt-pop trio, Nikki’s Wives – comprised of Nikki Whitehead, Dylan Lauzon and Nate Baylor – are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, For E•V•E•R, on June cethischillbinderbandinadar.infoinfo single, “Lonely Being Cool,” and its accompanying video will get you pumped for the EP release with just one listen as the video takes us into a wild fun house while 80’s synths take over your headspace.
  5. Zuzshura
    Nikki’s Wives – For E*V*E*R. By starrymag | November 3, Share. Tweet. Share. Share. 0 comments. What is the message behind the song “Lonely Being Cool?” A) We wanted to express the feeling of being lonely despite having friends or being surrounded by people. I think that everyone’s had a moment where they’ve been at a.
  6. Dairg
    Oct 30,  · “Lonely Being Cool” uses the Synth aspect very strongly in the song along with a main theme of how she can be seen as the coolest woman to the men but women will hate her, which makes her ‘lonely being cool.’ “Fight Song” strongly uses the drums versus the previous song. The lyrics very much follow the title of the song.

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