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Arabia - Born For Bliss - Flowing With The Flue

10 thoughts on “ Arabia - Born For Bliss - Flowing With The Flue

  1. Gojora
    ; Born for Bliss, existing since , awakes with the overwhelming “Flowing with the Flue”. The roots of this fact are placed over a decade ago. In those times the dutch Born for Bliss-members Frank Weyzig and Willem van Antwerpen created thrilling sounds together with the still cultic (Clan of) Xymox.
  2. Shakajind
    A re-release of the first Born For Bliss album, ‘Flowing with the Flue’ (this time with the corrected album title “Flowing with the Flu”). This disk is a re-mastered version of the album plus extra, never before released remixes and with the single version of ‘She’ (taken from the Arabia EP).
  3. Sarr
    Jul 26,  · 'Flowing with the Flue' marks Born for Bliss' long desired longplay-debut. "With Impressive elegance the band produced a couple of fascenating pearls. The prickling melodic changes between melancholy and dynamic along with 80s charme and 90s-scenery will not only electrify all wave fans!"/5(16).
  4. Goltisho
    This sounds nothing like the first 2 Clan of Xymox albums (or The Chameleons UK, as another reviewer said). It's pretty much second-rate '90s rock-oriented darkwave, much in the direction Ronny took Clan of Xymox himself around this time, which definitely was a big letdown to huge, longtime fans of their earlier 4AD works, such as myself/5(2).
  5. Tem
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  6. Maura
    In , 'Flowing with the Flue' marked Born for Bliss' long desired longplay-debut. Already in the first week after its release, 'Flowing with the Flue' entered high into the German alternative album-charts". Re-Released as Digital Download: 11 May - Remastered + extra tracks and remixes Label: Echozone Re-Released on CD: Sept

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